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Safer! healthier!
Mainly used in medicine, food spices, daily chemical Three areas
Does not contain allospermia, pure natural green raw materials, has no toxic and side effects on the body, and can extend the shelf life of drugs, enhance the sterilization of products, prevent mildew and moisture, and have a long shelf life...
Sterilization, regeneration, detoxification
Mainly used for removing acne and light marks, soothing pain and refreshing Xingnao Tongbi Tongqiao, beauty skin care, rejuvenating face
Since the camphor tree is extremely precious and rare (called "golden plant"), the essential oil extracted from the camphor tree is undoubtedly the most precious and the highest grade essential oil
high purity! High security!
Mainly used for daily use, insecticidal deodorant essence
Colorless liquid, with lily of the valley fragrance, but with different aromas depending on the source. Among the most commonly used and largest amount of fragrances discharged every year in the world, linalool ranks first in almost every year...
Remove wind, dispel cold
The camphor crown is shaded, the tree is magnificent, it is a city Excellent tree species for greening
Camphor and camphor oil can be extracted from wood and roots, branches, and leaves. Camphor and camphor oil are used in the pharmaceutical and perfume industries. The core contains fat and the oil content is about 40%. The oil is used for industrial purposes. Roots, fruits, branches and leaves are used as medicine...

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